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We offer a range of online and in-person classes and degrees in Music Business and Audio Production Technology. We are an accredited 2-year program featuring inexpensive tuition, Federal financial aid, top-tier professional faculty, Industry internships in L.A., New York and Nashville and transfer opportunities to 4-year colleges..

MUC109: Merchandising and The Law
provides an overview of the professional structures and practices of the music entertainment industry including music publishing, artist management, promotion, and merchandising. Also includes an in-depth look at copyright, trademark, licensing and contracts. Click here for more information.

MUC110: Recording Industry and Mass Media
focuses on the foundations of the recorded music business including market structure, business relationships, distribution, promotions, and marketing strategies at major and independent record labels. This course will also examine recorded music in broadcast and commercial media. Personal career development, including creative, promotional, and financial concerns of the music industry professional will also be explored. Click here for more information.

MUC295AA: Self-Promotion for the Music Industry
provides tools students will need to develop their own marketing, sales and distribution materials. Students will develop personalized and targeted promotional plans for both traditional and new media outlets. Online social networking, merchandising, printed and electronic press kits are explored. Record-keeping and database management are also discussed. Click here for more information.

MUC209: Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry
addresses the creation, assessment, and operation of new and emerging ventures in the music industry. Students will learn about planning, starting, and running their own, profitable, record label or other music-related business. They will also develop web marketing and promotional savvy as they navigate online research, marketing, e-commerce and messaging tools in service of their entrepreneurial vision. Click here for more information.

MUC297AB: Music Industry Internship
offers the opportunity to gain real-world experience via professional training in music venues, management agencies, record companies, and other music industry-related firms. This career-oriented practicum will address basic business communication skills, interviewing skills, workplace performance evaluation, career-building strategies, and networking techniques. Click here for more information.

NEW MTC113: Songwriting Techniques
Hands-on Workshop. Offered in the evening with a final student concert.
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